About Us

YFC Southern Hills is about EVERY kid! Even though the task seems impossible, YFC has always had the passion for every teenager to know Christ personally. It's always about every young person, one young person at a time.

  • YFC focuses on relationships.

  • YFC takes place year-round.

  • YFC involves Christian students, developing their leadership skills and discipling them so that they can confidently share their story and God's story with their non-Christian friends.

  • YFC is not the same in every city or town. YFC works within a framework and customizes ministry programs to meet the needs of teenagers in each community.

  • Full-time, trained staff members are an integral part of each community. CL staff members live in their community and actively participate in the schools and community.

  • YFC partners with local churches and desires to bring non-Christian and new Christian young people into a local church body.